What is the subject of the NPR interview with Sheri Fink?


Listen to theNPR interview of Sheri Finkandread the transcript.
( I WILL SUPPLY) Use the readings and resources to help craft an
outline for a four-paragraph article (keeping in mind that paragraphs
for journalistic writing are typically one to three sentences long)
about Fink. ( That does not mean ONE sentence is sufficient fo this assignment)Your
outline should establish the structure of an article, keeping in mind
organization, newsworthiness, credibility, and ethics.For
this post you will be creating an article outline based on readings and
resources. The outline should be in the traditional outline format:You
need to include the subject of the story and why it is newsworthy. You
should include the key points from the documents that you would include
in the story, a nut graph (this summarizes the theme of your article)
and conclusion.In your outline, be sure to include the following:Brief summary of the interviewssubjectand explanation of why it isnewsworthy. When explaining why it is newsworthy, be sure to consider proximity, new information, and conflict.Description of thekey pointsand ideas discussed during the interview that would support the creation of an article.A strongnut graphfor the article. Keep in mind that a nut graph should summarize the tone and theme of your article.MUST KNOW HOW to & what a nut graph and a collegiate outline ( Senior level) is otherwise do not bother.


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What is the subject of the NPR interview with Sheri Fink?
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Sheri Fink is a journalist and physician, whose coverage of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina won her the Pulitzer Prize in 2010. She has recently been interviewed on NPR about her investigative journalism work and experiences as a journalist during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a senior content writer, I have reviewed the interview transcript and additional resources to create an article outline that summarizes Fink’s work and the importance of her contributions to journalism.


Key Points and Article Ideas:
1. Sheri Fink’s approach to investigative journalism, where she uses her medical expertise to look into issues affecting the healthcare industry.
2. Fink’s recent coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic, including the disparities in the healthcare system and the experiences of medical professionals working on the frontline.
3. The impact of Fink’s work on healthcare policies, including a new bill introduced in Congress to improve disaster response efforts based on her work during Hurricane Katrina.
4. The ethical considerations Fink must navigate as a journalist and physician, such as when to be involved in the stories she covers and how to balance her roles.

Nut Graph:

Sheri Fink’s investigative journalism work, rooted in her medical background, has significantly impacted the field of healthcare reporting. From uncovering the healthcare disparities during the COVID-19 pandemic to proposing policy changes based on her work during Hurricane Katrina, Fink’s reporting has sparked conversations and changes in the healthcare industry. However, as a physician and journalist, Fink must navigate ethical considerations and conflicts in her work.


Sheri Fink’s work as a journalist and physician has contributed to important discussions and changes in the healthcare industry. Through her investigative journalism approach, Fink has provided insight into healthcare disparities and systemic issues impacting individuals and communities. As discussions surrounding healthcare continue to be crucial, Fink’s work is invaluable in informing policy changes and improving healthcare systems.

– To analyze and understand the NPR interview of Sheri Fink and its importance in the field of journalism
– To synthesize and organize key ideas and points from the interview into a traditional outline format for a four-paragraph article
– To practice journalistic writing skills, including newsworthiness, credibility, ethics, and organization
– To demonstrate proficiency in writing a nut graph and collegiate outline at a senior level

– Identify and explain the subject and newsworthiness of a given interview in the context of journalistic writing
– Analyze and summarize key points and ideas discussed in an interview to create a structured and organized article outline
– Develop skills in writing a strong and effective nut graph that captures the tone and theme of an article
– Apply principles of organization, credibility, and ethics to journalistic writing through the creation of a collegiate outline for a four-paragraph article

The NPR interview of Sheri Fink is a discussion on her book “Five Days at Memorial,” which chronicles the story of a hospital in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina that faced ethical and moral dilemmas in the aftermath of the disaster.

The subject of the interview is relevant and newsworthy because it explores the ethical and moral implications of disaster response protocols in a high-stress situation. The interview provides important insights on the delicate balance between saving lives and maintaining ethical standards in the face of disaster. This topic has implications for future disaster response and emergency medical guidelines.

– The challenges faced by healthcare professionals in situations of disaster or crisis, including limited resources and difficult ethical decisions
– How the events at Memorial hospital during Hurricane Katrina sparked debates about legal and ethical implications for healthcare providers
– The importance of preparedness and robust disaster response plans that address ethical considerations in addition to medical needs

Sheri Fink’s book “Five Days at Memorial” provides a detailed and thought-provoking account of ethical dilemmas faced by healthcare professionals in a disaster situation. The story of Memorial hospital during Hurricane Katrina underscores the importance of strong and comprehensive disaster response plans that account for ethical considerations as well as medical needs.

Overall, the NPR interview with Sheri Fink presents a compelling case study on the ethical challenges of disaster response and the importance of proactive planning and preparation. By sharing the story of Memorial hospital during Hurricane Katrina, Fink prompts important discussions on how healthcare providers can balance ethical standards and medical needs in high-stress situations.

Solution 1:

Subject: Sheri Fink – The Role of Journalism during Catastrophes

Newsworthy Explanation: Sheri Fink, an investigative journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner has been one of the most influential voices during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her in-depth reporting on how medical teams on the frontlines are managing the crisis has been critical in educating the public on the reality and severity of the situation. Her expertise has been essential in breaking down complex issues regarding healthcare systems for the general public.

Key Points for the Article:
– Fink’s experience as a journalist covering healthcare organizations during calamities
– Her views on the role of journalists during pandemics
– How journalists can communicate authentic information during crises
– Responding to the criticisms of her coverage of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and exposing systemic issues in the healthcare sector

Nut Graph: Sheri Fink is an award-winning journalist who has dedicated her career to unraveling the complexities of healthcare issues in the US. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she has been an influential voice in educating the public on the realities of caring for patients on the frontlines. This article delves into her thoughts on the role of journalism during times of crises and her past work investigating systemic issues within medical organizations.

Conclusion: Sheri Fink’s contributions to the field of journalism go well beyond reporting. Her work has brought to light the systemic issues in healthcare organizations and has been critical in understanding healthcare challenges. Her views on the importance of journalism in providing accurate information to the public can serve as a guide for aspiring journalists.

Solution 2:

Subject: Sheri Fink – Investigating the Truth Beyond the Headlines

Newsworthy Explanation: As the world braces itself against the novel coronavirus, the role of journalists in creating awareness and informing the public has become indispensable. Sheri Fink, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, has an impressive repertoire of work highlighting the challenges of healthcare in times of distress. Her investigative reporting is a clarion call that exposes the flaws of the healthcare system while providing significant insights on how to improve health service delivery.

Key Points for the Article:
– Fink’s investigative work during calamities such as Hurricane Katrina and the COVID-19 pandemic
– Her research on the healthcare infrastructure and the quality of healthcare in the US
– Discussion on the challenges and responsibilities of journalists during times of crises
– Her recommendations for how the public can make more informed decisions about their health

Nut Graph: Sheri Fink’s work is centered on investigative journalism that reveals the truths beyond the headlines. Her coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic has been critical in educating the public on the healthcare challenges faced by medical personnel on the frontlines. This article highlights her work as an investigative journalist and how she brings to light systemic issues within healthcare organizations, and her insights on covering crises.

Conclusion: Sheri Fink’s investigative journalism has been instrumental in highlighting the challenges of healthcare in times of distress. Her contribution to holding healthcare providers accountable has been notable, and her work can serve as a guide for aspiring journalists. Her commitment to bringing out the truth beyond the headlines will inspire people to investigate and question the status quo to utmost standards of journalistic ethics.

Suggested Resources/Books:

– Five Days at Memorial: Life and Death in a Storm-Ravaged Hospital by Sheri Fink
– War Hospital: A True Story of Surgery and Survival by Sheri Fink
– Pandemic Ethics by Mark A. Rothstein and Mary A. Majumder
– The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot

Similar Asked Questions:

1. What is Sheri Fink’s background and how has it influenced her writing?
2. What is the significance of the book “Five Days at Memorial” and how did Fink report on the events described?
3. How do Fink’s books address ethical issues in healthcare and disaster response?
4. How have Fink’s reporting and writing contributed to public understanding of healthcare and public health issues?
5. What lessons can be learned from Fink’s work for healthcare providers, policymakers, and the general public?


I. Introduction
– Brief summary of the NPR interview with Sheri Fink
– Subject of the article: Sheri Fink’s work as a journalist and author
– Explanation of why it is newsworthy: Fink’s writing on healthcare and disaster response has garnered national attention and critical acclaim

II. Key Points from the NPR Interview
– Fink’s background as a physician and how it informs her writing on healthcare issues
– Discussion of Fink’s book “Five Days at Memorial” and how she reported on the events at the hospital during Hurricane Katrina
– Fink’s perspective on the ethical challenges facing healthcare providers during disasters and pandemics

III. Nut Graph
– Fink’s work highlights the complex ethical and practical challenges facing healthcare providers during emergencies, and offers insights into how to improve preparedness and response efforts
– By exploring the impact of disasters and pandemics on vulnerable communities, Fink’s reporting and writing provides a critical perspective on public health and healthcare policy

IV. Conclusion
– Fink’s work is a valuable contribution to public understanding of healthcare issues, and offers important lessons for policymakers, healthcare providers, and the general public
– By emphasizing the human stories behind healthcare crises, Fink’s writing provides a powerful and compelling perspective on the importance of disaster preparedness and ethical decision-making in healthcare.

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