What is Russia’s role in the Second World War?


The Second World War is still very present in the minds of the Russians. There are numerous and prominent memorials. It is clear when visiting Russia, that the country believes it won the Second World War, and that the British and Americans were a “johnny-come-lately” with their invasion of France in 1944. Having read the material, what is your opinion? Who and what won the war for the Allies? Do you believe that a single factor tipped the balance toward victory? Whatever you say must include some explanation to support your position.

The Second World War left its mark on the world, and it’s undeniable that it is still very present in the minds of the Russians, as they have erected numerous and prominent memorials. The country believes that it won the war, and that their contribution was significant compared to the British and American efforts. However, the question arises as to who and what won the war for the Allies.

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What is Russia’s role in the Second World War?
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The Second World War was a long and drawn-out battle that left many countries in tatters. The outcome of the war was a turning point in history, as it changed the world’s political landscape. Some argue that the Soviet Union played a more significant role in Allied victory, while others believe that the Western Allies’ contributions were just as critical. The question of who won the war is a complex issue that requires exploring the various factors that contributed to the Allies’ victory.

The Soviet Union’s contributions are undeniable, as they suffered the most in terms of human lives and destroyed infrastructure. However, it was the combination of efforts and strategies employed by the British, Americans, and Soviet allies that resulted in the war’s outcome. Factors such as military strategy, technological advancements, and economic power all played a vital role in tipping the balance towards Allied victory.

In conclusion, the Second World War was won by the collective efforts of the Allied Powers. While the Soviet Union may have played a more significant role in some aspects of the war effort, the British and Americans were equally crucial in achieving victory. Ultimately, it was the combination of these contributions that allowed the Allies to succeed in their mission.


– To develop an understanding of the Russian perspective on the Second World War and their role in it
– To explore different viewpoints on who “won” the war for the Allies
– To critically analyze the role of various factors in tipping the balance toward victory

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this material, learners will be able to:

– Demonstrate knowledge of the significance and prevalence of war memorials in Russia related to the Second World War
– Interpret and explain the Russian belief that they won the war and that the British and Americans were “johnny-come-lately”
– Evaluate different opinions on who and what contributed to the Allies’ victory in the Second World War
– Analyze the role of multiple factors in tipping the balance toward victory, and evaluate the relative significance of each factor in the outcome of the war


It is undeniable that the Russian perspective on the Second World War is deeply ingrained, and reflects their significant contribution to the overall victory of the Allies. The prevalence of memorials in Russia is a testament to the importance and impact of the war on the country. While it is true that the British and Americans played a crucial role in the eventual victory, it is difficult to attribute the outcome to any single factor or country.

The war was won through a combination of factors, including military technology, logistics, tactics, leadership, and the determination and resilience of soldiers and civilians alike. Each country contributed to the Allies’ success in their own way, and it is important to recognize and appreciate those contributions. It is also worth noting that the outcome of the war was not inevitable, and could have gone differently if any number of factors had changed.

Overall, it is important to approach the history of the Second World War from multiple perspectives and to recognize the role of all countries and people involved in the conflict. Only through a nuanced understanding of the complexities of the war can we gain a true appreciation for the sacrifices and accomplishments of the past.

Solution 1: The Second World War was won by the Allies, not any single country
Based on the historical events and the contributions of various countries, it is safe to say that the Second World War was won by the Allied forces, which included the United States, Britain, France, and the Soviet Union. Each country had a significant role to play in the war, with the Soviet Union playing a vital part in the Eastern front while the Western Allies played a crucial role in the Normandy landings (D-Day). Moreover, the contributions of smaller countries such as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand should not be overlooked.

Solution 2: The Soviet Union played a significant role in winning the Second World War
The Soviet Union’s contribution cannot be ignored when discussing the victory of the Allies in World War II. The Soviet Union’s military achievements on the Eastern front were remarkable and decisive in winning the war. The Battle of Stalingrad, for example, is widely regarded as one of the turning points in the war, where the Red Army halted the German advance and turned the tide of the battle. The Soviet Union’s industrial might also played a significant role in supplying the military with resources and equipment, which helped to turn the tide of the war. While the Western Allies’ contribution is also significant, it is undeniable that the Soviet Union played a significant role in winning the Second World War.

Suggested Resources/Books
– “The Second World War” by Antony Beevor
– “Russia’s War” by Richard Overy
– “The Allies Strike Back, 1941–1943” by James Holland
– “D-Day: The Battle for Normandy” by Antony Beevor
– “A War To Be Won: Fighting the Second World War” by Williamson Murray and Allan R. Millett

Who and What Won the War for the Allies?
In my opinion, it was the combined effort of multiple nations and factors that won the Second World War for the Allies. While the Soviet Union undoubtedly played a major role in defeating Nazi Germany, it was not solely responsible for victory. The United States, Great Britain, and other Allied powers all contributed to the war effort in significant ways, from supplying materials and troops, to conducting successful military operations. Additionally, technological advancements in areas such as radar and cryptography were crucial in gaining advantages on the battlefield.

Did a Single Factor Tip the Balance toward Victory?
No, there was no single factor that tipped the balance toward victory. Rather, it was a combination of factors that came together to bring about Allied success. The strategic leadership of various military commanders, the mobilization of populations for war production, and successful espionage and intelligence gathering all played a part in turning the tide of the war. Ultimately, it was the collective effort of all those involved that led to the final victory.

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