What is an IT RFP?


Be sure it should be 0%plagiarism. Please find example attached project charterNeed to work on attached RFP.DETAILS:You have each been assigned to a group and each group has been assigned an IT RFP. This week you should begin working on the Initiation Phase of your case study which requires the completion of a Project Charter.There are many examples and templates available to you.Your book also has a nice example in the appendix and Chapter 4.You can add areas as needed. You are not bound to this template. Please make sure that your project charter has a preliminary scope statement and that you have a documented whats in and whats out section in the document.
Issue Date:
January 5, 2006
Due Date:
3:00 P.M., January 31, 2006
The City of DuPont is soliciting proposals from qualified professional vendors for Information
Technology support services. The qualified vendor will enable the City to significantly improve
information technology (IT) effectiveness, enhance its quality of services, minimize its support
cost, and maximize return on investment in IT.
Background Information
The City of DuPont currently runs a Windows 2000 server with workstations running Windows
2000 or Windows XP Professional. These workstations connect via basic network shares to the
server which serves as a basic file server and a Springbrook financial software server. City Hall
is connected to the Internet via a T-1 line provided by Eschelon Telecommunications. The Police
Department computers are managed by LESA (Law Enforcement Support Agency) and they
connect to the Internet via LESAs connection. The Fire Department currently connect to the
Internet via Comcast cable, and the Public Works shop is in the process of installing an additional
T-1 line to connect via Eschelon. City E-Mail and the City website are hosted by Eschelon
The City deploys Norton Corporate Security for computers located within City Hall. Outside
City Hall (Fire and Public Works) users have stand-alone versions of Norton Antivirus which
updates via LiveUpdate. The Windows 2000 Server was originally designed for use for
Springbrook only, but has been adapted for file server use. This is an issue which needs to be
addressed so as to keep the systems separate in the future.
Services Required
The following details the services to be provided to the City of DuPont in the area of information
1. Initial Assessment Compile/update inventory of all information technology related
assets, assess system architecture and current processes, and make recommendations for
improved city-wide IT system performance.
2. Desktop Applications Support – Performs basic support functions including installing
PCs, laptops, PDAs, printers, peripherals, and office automation software; diagnosing and
correcting desktop application problems, configuring laptops and desktops for standard
applications and identifying and correcting end user hardware problems, and performing
advanced troubleshooting. Maintain an up-to-date inventory of ALL City computer
related hardware and make available to City personnel upon request. Assist designated
City personnel with software and hardware purchases. Assist in development of
software/hardware policies and procedures.
3. Server Administration Services – Managing computer systems and networks to include
complex application, database, messaging, web and other servers and associated
hardware, software, communications, operating systems necessary for the quality,
security, performance, availability, recoverability, and reliability of the system. Ensure
scheduled preventive maintenance for equipment is properly and promptly performed;
maintain the maintenance records on the equipment; develop operations, administrative,
and quality assurance back-up plans and procedural documentation. Setup new users and
edit or remove existing users on server. Server performance and capacity management
services with reporting when specified thresholds are reached. Configuration
management, including changes, upgrades, patches, etc. Support of Springbrook
financial software and other specialized software products of the City of DuPont as it
relates to the server(s) and associated hardware. Management of user logins and security.
Coordinate repair and maintenance work with contracted repair vendors and ensure
repairs are conducted in a timely fashion.
4. Network Administration Services Scope of activity includes all City network
equipment including switches, firewalls, routers, and other security devices. Primary
installation and maintenance of printers, network copiers/scanners, etc. Primary
maintenance including regular analysis, routine configuration changes, and installation of
patches and upgrades. Alert notifications to designated City personnel in the event of
failure. Complete proactive monitoring of network equipment including bandwidth
utilization, and other performance indicators, with reporting when specified thresholds
are reached. Network performance and capacity management services, and network
troubleshooting. Maintain network documentation and procedures.
5. Security Maintenance of virus detection programs on City servers, email and all other
City computers and laptops. Perform security audits as requested and notify City
personnel immediately of suspected breaches of security or instruction detection.
Configure City system to enable remote access in a secure environment and provide
remote access administration as requested by designated City personnel.
6. Strategic Planning Engineering, planning, and design services for major system
enhancements, including installations and upgrades of new or existing systems.
Examples include major server upgrades, storage system upgrades, redesign of backup
systems, etc. Provide technical leadership for server technology issues. Make
recommendations for future purchasing and technology needs. Install new servers,
software and hardware and transfer data when acquired. Strategic planning, design, and
installation/upgrade of core network systems. Examples include major network upgrades,
provider changes, IP schema redesign, installation of core network devices, etc.
Submittal Requirements
The following information shall be required in the RFP submittal:
Letter of TransmittalThe letter is not intended to be a summary of the proposal itself.
The letter of transmittal must contain the following statements and information:
a. Company name, address, and telephone number(s) of the firm submitting the
b. Name, title, address, e-mail address, and telephone number of the person or
persons to contact who are authorized to represent the firm and to whom
correspondence should be directed.
c. Federal and state taxpayer identification numbers of the firm.
d. Briefly state your understanding of the services to be performed and make a
positive commitment to provide the services as specified.
e. The letter must be signed by a corporate officer or other individual who is legally
authorized to bind the applicant to both its proposal and cost schedule.
f. Statement which indicates proposal and cost schedule shall be valid and binding
for Ninety (90) days following proposal due date and will become part of the
contract that is negotiated with the City.
General Vendor Information Please provide the following information:
Length of time in business
Length of time in business of providing proposed services
Total number of clients
Total number of public sector clients
Number of full-time personnel in:
Installation and training
Sales, marketing, and administrative support
f. Location of headquarters and any field offices
g. Location of office which would service this account
Describe how your firm is positioned to provide the services listed above and provide
a history of experience on providing similar services.
Describe your approach to providing these services and your methodology for
providing on-going support.
Provide the name, title, address, and telephone number of three references for clients
whom you have provided similar services. Please provide information referencing
the actual services provided, customer size (number of users), and the length of
tenure providing services to this client.
Staff Resources Identify names of principals and key personnel who will actually
provide the information technology services. Summarize the experience and
technological expertise of these staff. Describe the role and responsibilities that each
of these individuals will have. Full resumes of these individuals should be appended
to the proposal. The local availability of staff that will be providing these services
shall be an important consideration.
Support Services Please answer the following:
a. Is help desk support available?
b. When is support available? (indicate XX a.m. to XX p.m. in Pacific time and the
days of the week).
c. How are charges for support structured, documented, and tracked?
d. Do you provide a toll-free support number?
e. Please describe your problem escalation process, including:
Initial problem identification (hand-off from help desk)
Triage for priority and severity of problem
Steps for resolving problem escalation when a solution is not forthcoming or
an implemented solution is unsatisfactory
Final authority regarding conflicts
Indicate your response time and goal and also your statistics regarding meeting
that goal.
If your company has had a contract terminated for default during the past five years,
all such incidents must be described. Termination for default is defined as notice to
stop performance due to the vendors nonperformance or poor performance; and the
issue was either (a) not litigated or (b) litigated, and such litigation determined the
vendor to be in default. If default occurred, list complete name, address and
telephone number of the party. If NO such terminations for default have been
experienced by the vendor in the past five years, declare that.
The City will evaluate the facts and may, at its sole discretion, reject the vendors
proposal if the facts discovered indicate that completion of a contract resulting from
this RFP may be jeopardized by selection of this vendor.
Beyond the scope of this RFP, what services (related or otherwise) does your
organization provide that may be of interest to the City?
Proposal Summary Summarize your proposal and your firms qualifications.
Additionally you may articulate why your firm is pursuing this work and how it is
uniquely qualified to perform it. Include other pertinent information that helps the
City determine your overall qualifications.
Your proposal summary is not to exceed two pages.
Cost of Services
a. The proposal must contain a fee schedule that includes hourly rates for proposed
b. Describe how your services are priced, and any specific pricing you are able to
c. Define any additional charges (e.g. travel expenses).
d. Do you have any state contracts that the City of DuPont would be able to utilize?
Evaluation Criteria and Process
A selection committee will conduct an evaluation of qualifications and will rate each submittal
based upon the following criteria:

Understanding of services to be provided
Personnel expertise
Compatibility with end users
Project approach
Satisfaction of clients/end users
Deadline for Submissions of Proposals
Five (5) sealed copies of the proposal must be received by the City of DuPont prior to 3 P.M. on
Tuesday, January 31, 2006. One (1) copy should be submitted as a loosely-bound reproducible
copy. All copies of the proposals must be under sealed cover and plainly marked as Information
Technology Support Services Proposal. Proposals shall be delivered or mailed to:
City of DuPont City Clerks Office
IT Support Services Proposal
303 Barksdale Avenue
DuPont, WA 98327
Any questions regarding this proposal are to be submitted to:
Dawn Schauer, Finance & Support Services Director
City of DuPont
303 Barksdale Avenue
DuPont, WA 98327
(253) 912-5383
1. The DuPont City Council reserves the right to reject any and all proposals for failure to
meet the requirements contained herein, to waive any technicalities, and to select the
proposal which, in the City Councils sole judgment, best meets the requirements of the
2. The RFP creates no obligation on the part of the City to award a contract or to
compensate the proposer for any costs incurred during proposal presentation, response,
submission, presentation, or oral interviews (if held). The City reserves the right to
award a contract based upon proposals received without further discussion or negotiation.
Proposers should not rely upon the opportunity to alter their qualifications during
3. The City further reserves the right to make such investigation as it deems necessary to
determine the ability of proposers to furnish the required services, and proposers shall
furnish all such information for this purpose as the City may request.
4. Proposers much specifically identify any portions of their submittals deemed to contain
confidential or proprietary information, or trade secrets. Those portions must be readily
separable from the balance of the proposal. Such designations will not necessarily be
conclusive, and proposers may be required to justify why the City Council should not,
upon written request, disclose such materials.
5. The vendor awarded said contract will be subject to City of DuPont business license as
required in DuPont municipal code.
Date: 3/1/2008
Project Title: Asset Management
Purchase an asset management software package that comes closest to meeting R & S needs.
Then, perform a gap analysis and write custom code to deliver what is missing from the package.
Finally integrate this software into the other software solutions of R & S.
Project Manager: Mark Lewis and Premier Consultants
Authority Level: 10% of budget
– Ability to track the location of every amusement asset (onsite or in the field)
Inventory: game machines, maintenance supplies, dollar bill changers, external speakers
Inventory information is updated continually in real time
Generate purchase requisitions
Ability to generate ad hoc reports
Track vendor information
Track asset performance
Major Deliverable Schedule:
Duration Estimates
Requirements documentation with statement of work
Software/hardware purchase and install
. Gap analysis document
Deliver custom software
2 months
6 months
2 months
2 months
Critical Success Factors
Find software solution that satisfies a minimum of 75% of stated requirements
Improves productivity by 50%
Reduces inventory carrying costs by 20%
Improve customer satisfaction ratings
Low end-user involvement
Clear statement of requirements
Finding software which matches user requirements and budget
Key Roles and Responsibilities
Mark Lewis, project manager
Reid Lewis, executive management support
Kenny Jones, user requirements from warehouse
Elaine Henry, user requirements and software verification
Mark Lewis
Reid Lewis
Kenny Jones
Elaine Henry
Jeff Dunbar
Kevin Pullen
R&S Amusements Proiect Charter

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1. Introduction
2. Background Information
3. Services Required

The City of DuPont is seeking proposals from professional vendors to provide Information Technology support services and significantly enhance its quality of services by minimizing support costs, maximizing return on investment in IT, and improving IT effectiveness. In this regard, the qualified vendor will provide an initial assessment, upgrade system architecture and processes to achieve city-wide IT system performance, and provide desktop application support among other services.

Background Information:
The City of DuPont uses a Windows 2000 server and workstations running Windows 2000 or Windows XP Professional for basic file server use and Springbrook financial software server. City Hall has a T-1 line to connect to the Internet via Eschelon Telecommunications, while LESAs provides a connection for the Police Department computer. The Fire Department connects via Comcast cable while the Public Works department is in the process of installing an additional T-1 line via Eschelon. Norton Corporate Security and Antivirus software is used within City Hall and stand-alone versions of Norton Antivirus outside the facility, respectively.

Services Required:
The vendor will be responsible for conducting an initial assessment to compile, update and assess the system architecture, inventory all IT-related assets, and provide recommendations for improved city-wide IT system performance. The vendor will also provide desktop application support such as installing PCs, laptops, printers, peripherals, office automation software, and configuring laptops and desktops for standard applications. Other services required include identifying and correcting end-user hardware problems, maintaining an up-to-date inventory of all city computer hardware, and assisting designated City personnel with mobile device issues.

head staff in the preparation of specifications for new or replacement hardware or software.

– To identify IT-related assets of the City of DuPont and assess current processes.
– To provide recommendations for improving the city-wide IT system performance.
– To provide desktop applications support to the City personnel.
– To maintain an updated inventory of ALL City computer-related hardware.
– To assist in the preparation of specifications for new or replacement hardware or software.

Learning Outcomes:
– Ability to conduct an assessment of IT-related assets and assess system architecture.
– Ability to provide recommendations for improving IT system performance.
– Ability to install and configure hardware and software such as PCs, laptops, PDAs, printers, peripherals, and office automation software.
– Ability to diagnose and resolve desktop application problems.
– Ability to identify and correct end-user hardware problems.
– Ability to perform advanced troubleshooting.
– Ability to maintain an updated inventory of computer-related hardware.
– Ability to assist in the preparation of specifications for new or replacement hardware or software.


Initiation Phase is a part of the project management process. It involves defining the scope of the project, identifying stakeholders, and creating a project charter. A project charter is a document that outlines the purpose, goals, and stakeholders of a project. It also includes a brief description of project deliverables, timelines, and budget.

Solution 1:

Streamlining the City of DuPont’s IT Infrastructure

The City of DuPont is looking to improve its Information Technology effectiveness and services, minimize support costs, and maximize ROI in IT support services. To achieve these goals, it is essential to streamline and upgrade the current IT infrastructure. Our solution to these issues would be as follows:

1. Server Upgrade and Network Redesign: We propose upgrading the Windows 2000 server to a modern version of Windows Server, and redesigning the network to improve file-sharing capacity, address current issues, and better separate Springbrook software and file server usage.

2. IT Asset Assessment and System Architecture Review: We recommend conducting an initial assessment to compile and update an inventory of all IT assets, assessing the existing system architecture and processes, identifying any anomalies, and developing a roadmap for enhancing city-wide IT system performance.

3. Email and Website Upgrade: We propose upgrading Norton Corporate Security to a more effective IT security system. We also recommend redesigning the city e-mail and website to enable easier access, enhance existing features and add new functionality, such as online bill payment, real estate inquiries, and requests for information.

Solution 2:

Outsourcing IT Support Services

The City of DuPont is soliciting proposals from qualified professional vendors for IT support services. Our solution is for the City to outsource its IT support services to a qualified firm that can provide comprehensive IT support in the following areas:

1. IT Infrastructure Management: The outsourcing firm will assess the existing IT infrastructure and make recommendations for improvements, upgrades, and replacements, if necessary. They will be responsible for server management, network design and security, client software support, hardware and software upgrades, system backups, and disaster recovery.

2. Email and Website Design and Management: The outsourcing firm will redesign, deploy, and manage the city’s email and website. They will work on improving their usability, enhance existing capabilities, and add new features.

3. IT System Optimization: The outsourcing firm will work to optimize the city’s IT systems by eliminating redundancies and streamlining processes to make IT service delivery more effective and efficient.

By outsourcing IT support services, the City can benefit from a team of experienced IT professionals delivering advanced IT technology and services. The City can expect prompt and professional responses to IT-related issues, reducing costs associated with internal IT support staffing. The outsourcing firm will also keep up-to-date with emerging IT technologies, and ensuring that the City’s IT technology aligns with industry best practices.

Suggested Resources/Books:

1. “Project Management for Information Technology Business and Certification” by Monique Aubry, France Belanger, and Sylvie Germain
2. “Information Technology Project Management” by Kathy Schwalbe
3. “IT Governance: How Top Performers Manage IT Decision Rights for Superior Results” by Peter Weill and Jeanne Ross
4. “The Art of Project Management” by Scott Berkun
5. “The Agile Samurai: How Agile Masters Deliver Great Software” by Jonathan Rasmusson

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