What changes would a college president make to improve their institution?


Topic: If you were a college presidentwhat changes that would you makenotes:I want the thesis statement in the last line of the first paragraph and please mention the three changes in thesis statement ( interdiction )I want the the changes mentioned in the first line in each paragraph for example the first and most change that I would make is that ……in the conclusion please rewrite the thesis statement and summarize each paragraph and the last sentence will be the suggestion or recommendation * I don’t want it sound very advance, I want simple with simple words as a second language speaker thank you very much

Introduction: As the college landscape continues to evolve, the role of college presidents has become more critical than ever. If you were a college president, what changes would you make to ensure that the institution remains relevant and competitive in a rapidly changing world? In this article, we will explore three crucial changes that a college president should prioritize to ensure the success of the institution.

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What changes would a college president make to improve their institution?
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First Change – Accessibility: The first and most important change that I would make as a college president is to make higher education more accessible. As the cost of education continues to rise, many students are either unable or unwilling to pursue higher education. To address this, I would work to increase the availability of financial aid to students, making education more affordable for all. Additionally, I would implement programs that enable students to earn credits for free before attending college, which would not only make education more affordable, but also provide a pathway for students who may not have considered higher education as an option.

Second Change – Curriculum: The second change that I would prioritize as a college president is to keep the curriculum current and relevant to the current industry needs. In the past, many colleges have been criticized for providing education that does not adequately prepare students for the workforce. By updating and aligning the curriculum with industry needs, students will gain the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the workplace.

Third Change – Technology: The third change that I would make is to embrace new technologies that can improve the learning experience. Technology has revolutionized many industries, and education should be no different. I would prioritize investments in new technologies that can make learning more engaging and accessible, such as online learning platforms, educational apps, and virtual reality tools.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the three changes that I would make as a college president are increasing accessibility to education, updating the curriculum to meet industry needs, and embracing new technologies. While these changes may seem significant, they are essential to ensuring that the institution remains competitive and relevant in a rapidly changing world. By making these changes, we can provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed, promote diversity, equity, and inclusivity in education, and foster lifelong learning.

Topic: If you were a college president, what changes would you make?

1. To identify the changes that can be made as a college president
2. To understand the reasons behind implementing the changes
3. To evaluate the impact of changes on the college environment

Learning Outcomes:
1. Students will be able to identify and list at least three changes that can be made by a college president.
2. Students will be able to explain the reasons for implementing the changes and assess their potential impact.
3. Students will be able to analyze the effects of changes in the college environment.

1. Introduction
2. First Change
3. Second Change
4. Third Change
5. Conclusion

As a college president, I would want to make changes that are beneficial to the students, faculty, and staff. The first and most important change that I would make is to improve the quality of education that the college offers. The second change that I would make is to cater to the diverse needs of the students. The third change that I would make is to improve the college facilities.

First Change:
The first change that I would like to implement as a college president is to improve the quality of education. To achieve this, I will focus on the curriculum that the college offers and ensure that it prepares students for the job market. Additionally, I would like to see a more active and engaging teaching approach that encourages students to participate in class discussions and debates. This change will not only benefit the students but also enhance the reputation of the college.

Second Change:
The second change that I would like to make is to cater to the diverse needs of the students. I will work towards creating a more welcoming and inclusive environment for all students. This will involve addressing issues such as racism, sexism, and discrimination. Additionally, I will create support programs for students who come from underrepresented communities to ensure that they are not left behind. This change will ensure that all students feel valued and supported during their time at college.

Third Change:
The third change that I would like to make is to improve college facilities. I will work towards making the campus more environmentally friendly by implementing sustainable practices such as recycling and reducing waste. Additionally, I will consider upgrading the infrastructure to meet modern-day needs and incorporating new technologies that will enhance the learning experience. This change will not only improve the quality of education but also create a better learning and working environment for everyone.

In conclusion, as a college president, the changes that I would make are aimed at enhancing the quality of education, catering to the diverse needs of students, and improving college facilities. These changes will have a positive impact on the college environment and the student experience. I recommend that stakeholders in the college community work towards implementing these changes to ensure a better learning environment for all.

Solution 1:

Solution 1: Increase Access to Opportunities for Low-Income Students

As a college president, the first and most important change that I would make is to increase accessibility to opportunities for low-income students. This would mean expanding financial aid options and implementing more mentorship programs for disadvantaged students. Access to resources such as internships, research opportunities, and study abroad programs would also be made available to these students. By doing so, we can ensure that underrepresented groups have equal opportunity to succeed in higher education.

Secondly, as the number of jobs requiring technological proficiency continues to rise, it is important to make updates to curriculum offerings to ensure that students are equipped to navigate this rapidly changing job market. This may mean, for instance, adding more technology-focused courses or collaborating with local businesses to establish tech-based internships to help students gain relevant work experience.

Lastly, it is essential to cultivate a more diverse and inclusive campus culture, which can be accomplished through implementing diversity training programs for staff members and students, actively recruiting students from underrepresented groups, and hosting events that celebrate various cultural backgrounds.

In conclusion, by providing equal opportunities for low-income students, updating curriculum to meet the demands of changing job markets, and cultivating a diverse and inclusive campus culture, we can ensure that students at our college have every opportunity to succeed. With these changes, the college can become a place where everyone feels welcome and valued.

Solution 2: Focus on Mental Health Support for Students

As a college president, the most important change that I would make is to focus on student mental health. College can be an overwhelming experience for many, and providing adequate resources and support can make all the difference in a student’s ability to succeed. This may include expanding counseling services, establishing peer support groups, and providing additional mental health education for students and faculty members alike.

Secondly, it is important to implement strategies that promote student wellness, such as opening a health and wellness center or offering yoga and meditation classes. Encouraging healthy habits like exercise and mindfulness can help students cope with stress and prioritize their mental health.

Lastly, to address the stigma surrounding mental health, it is important to promote open discussions about mental health and encourage students to seek help if they need it. This can be achieved through awareness campaigns and engaging with student organizations dedicated to mental health advocacy.

In conclusion, by prioritizing student mental health through expanded support services, wellness initiatives, and open discourse, we can create a more healthy and supportive campus environment. With these changes, students can thrive both academically and personally, and the college can become a place that truly prioritizes the well-being of its students.

Suggested Resources/Books:
1. “The College President” by James L. Bess and Jay R. Dee
2. “Transformative Leadership in Education” by Carolyn M. Shields
3. “The Presidency in Higher Education” by Brent D. Ruben

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Changes I Would Make as a College President

Thesis Statement: As college president, my first and most important changes would be to prioritize student success, foster a culture of inclusivity and diversity, and invest in technologies that support modern teaching and learning practices.

First Change: Prioritize Student Success
The first and most crucial change that I would make as college president is to prioritize student success. This entails creating a supportive academic environment that promotes student achievement and success. To achieve this, I would introduce programs and initiatives that focus on student retention, student support services, and scholarships. Additionally, I would collaborate with faculty to establish clear learning goals and provide professional development opportunities, ensuring that they are armed with the latest pedagogical techniques and methodologies to promote student learning.

Second Change: Foster a Culture of Inclusivity and Diversity
Another essential change I would institute is fostering a culture of inclusivity and diversity. This entails recruiting and retaining diverse faculty and students and creating an environment that is accepting and supportive of different backgrounds, cultures, and identities. To achieve this, I would work with the admissions office, campus diversity committee, and academic departments to re-evaluate the college’s hiring and admissions policies and create an equitable and welcoming campus environment.

Third Change: Invest in Technologies that Support Modern Teaching and Learning Practices
The third and final change I would make as college president is to invest in emerging technologies that support modern teaching practices. This includes investing in technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality, which offer new and innovative ways of teaching and learning. To accomplish this, I would establish partnerships with leading technology companies and collaborate with faculty to integrate these technologies into the teaching curriculum.

In summary, as a college president, my mission would be to prioritize student success, foster a culture of inclusivity and diversity, and invest in emerging technologies that enhance modern teaching and learning. By instituting these changes, I believe we can create a higher education environment that is equitable, supportive, and innovative, ensuring that our students succeed and thrive in the ever-changing landscape of the modern world.

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