What changes would a college or university president make to improve the campus infrastructure?


Topic: If you were college or university presidentwhat changes that would you makenotes:I want the thesis statement in the last line of the first paragraph ( interdiction )I want the the changes mentioned in the first line in each paragraph for example the first and most change that I would make is that ……in the conclusion please rewrite the thesis statement and summarize each paragraph and the last sentence will be the suggestion or recommendation thank you very much

As the world evolves and the job market becomes more competitive, the role of colleges and universities is more crucial than ever before. It is safe to say that college presidents have a significant influence on the future of students and the education system. If you were a college or university president, what changes would you make? In the following paragraphs, we will explore the changes that I would refer to as a college or university president.

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What changes would a college or university president make to improve the campus infrastructure?
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The first and most important change that I would make is that I would expand the curriculum to integrate practical learning. It is necessary to incorporate hands-on experiences into the academic curriculum to help students develop real-life skills. Many of the students are not used to the real demands and struggles of the job market. Therefore, creating an integrated program with specific courses that provide real and applicable expertise in the field will help students transition from college to the workforce.

Second, I would focus on affordability by lowering tuition fees, which have continued to increase steadily. The financial burden of a traditional college or university education may prohibit lower-income students from pursuing higher education. By reducing tuition costs, it could mean that more students can access education without going into massive debt.

Third, I would emphasize diversity and inclusion by creating inclusive environments for all students, staff, and faculty. This would include the cultural, social, and academic identities of the community of learners. A diverse campus culture is essential in preparing students to thrive in a global economy.

In summary, as a college or university president, there are several changes that I would make to improve the education system. The most crucial changes include expanding the curriculum to include practicum experiences, making tuition more affordable, and creating an inclusive environment to support diversity. Our world is continuously evolving, and it is up to those in educational leadership positions to adjust and embrace change in a way that adequately prepares students for the future. By implementing these suggested changes, we can help ensure a better future for our students.

Objectives: By the end of this article, readers will be able to:

1. Understand the changes that can be made in a college or university under new leadership.
2. Develop knowledge about the various factors that can impact the functioning of a college or university.
3. Analyze the importance of effective leadership in ensuring the success of a college or university.

Learning Outcomes: After reading this article, readers will be able to:

1. Identify at least three changes that can be made in a college or university by a new president.
2. Evaluate the impact of the suggested changes on the functioning of a college or university.
3. Demonstrate an understanding of the role of leadership in ensuring the success of a college or university.


I. Introduction:
The importance of effective leadership in college and university administration

II. Changes that can be made:
a. Enhancing student engagement and learning
b. Promoting faculty development and research
c. Improving campus infrastructure and facilities

III. Importance of effective leadership:
a. Role of leadership in creating a positive organizational culture
b. Managing change effectively
c. Developing and implementing a strategic plan

IV. Conclusion:
Rewritten thesis statement, summary of changes suggested, and a recommendation.

As college and university presidents, the first and foremost change that we should focus on is the enhancement of student engagement and learning. The success of any academic institution depends on the quality of education that it provides and the level of student satisfaction achieved. In today’s dynamic world, universities must prepare educated students who are capable of dealing with modern-day issues. Therefore, a new president should consider making changes in the current programs offered, the quality of teaching staff, and the level of academic rigor.

Changes that can be made:
The first and most critical change that a new president should make is to enhance student engagement and learning. By providing a curriculum that reflects not only the current needs of society but also future needs, students will be better equipped for the workforce. The second change that a new president should make is to promote faculty development and research. A competent teaching faculty can make a significant impact on the learning process of students. Providing opportunities for research, training programs, and taking part in national or international conferences should be mandatory for teaching staff. The final change that a new president should consider is improving campus infrastructure and facilities. A university that invests in modern technologies, updated library facilities, and modern classrooms will be attractive to students, faculty, and staff alike.

Importance of effective leadership:
Effective leadership plays a vital role in overseeing the changes mentioned above. The establishment of a positive organizational culture that fosters innovation, creativity, and productivity is one of the essential tasks of a new president. They should also develop and implement a strategic plan that clearly defines short-term and long-term objectives, including the timeline for implementation. Leaders must ensure that all stakeholders are involved in any changes that are made and that they are communicated clearly and effectively. Managing change, on the other hand, is a skill that requires a new president to plan, implement and evaluate the impact of changes. Effective communication and collaboration are critical when seeking buy-in from stakeholders and students.

In conclusion, as a college or university president, our priority should be to enhance student engagement and learning, promote faculty development and research, and improve campus infrastructure and facilities. Effective leadership is essential in creating a positive organizational culture, managing change, and developing and implementing a strategic plan. As a recommendation, new presidents should enlist the support of an experienced leadership coach and involve stakeholders when developing and implementing change to ensure successful transitions.

Solution 1: Enhancing Student Support Services

As a college or university president, my top priority would be to improve student support services. The first and most significant change that I would make is to increase the number of academic advisors and counselors on campus. Many students struggle with academic and personal issues, and they need someone to guide them through the challenges. By hiring more advisors and counselors, we can ensure that students have the support they need to succeed. Additionally, we would expand the tutoring program to help students who are struggling academically. We would also offer workshops and training sessions to help students improve their study skills and time management.

Another change we would make is to enhance our mental health services. College can be a stressful time for many students, and they need access to mental health resources. We would increase the number of counselors and psychologists on staff and provide more resources for students who need them. We would also work to reduce the stigma around mental health issues and encourage students to seek help when they need it.

In conclusion, improving student support services is critical to the success of a college or university. By providing students with the resources they need to succeed academically and emotionally, we can ensure that they graduate on time and are prepared for their chosen careers. My recommendation is to invest in these support services to ensure that our students have the best possible college experience.

Solution 2: Fostering Diversity and Inclusion

If I were college or university president, the first change I would make is to foster diversity and inclusion on campus. We would work to increase the number of underrepresented students and faculty members on campus and create programs to support them. We would also offer diversity and inclusion training to all students and staff members to create a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Another change we would make is to revise our curriculum to include more diverse perspectives and viewpoints. We would ensure that our courses cover a wide range of topics and perspectives to prepare our students for a diverse and global society. We would also support research that advances diversity and inclusion in all fields of study.

In conclusion, fostering diversity and inclusion is critical to creating a supportive and inclusive campus environment. By increasing the number of underrepresented students and faculty members and revising our curriculum, we can prepare our students for a diverse and global society. My recommendation is to prioritize diversity and inclusion in all aspects of the college or university experience to ensure that we are creating a welcoming and inclusive community for all students and staff members.

Suggested Resources/Books:

1. “The Innovative University: Changing the DNA of Higher Education from the Inside Out” by Clayton Christensen and Henry J. Eyring.
2. “The Future of University Education” by Brian P. Coppola.
3. “College Disrupted: The Great Unbundling of Higher Education” by Ryan Craig.
4. “The Changing Landscape of Higher Education: The Role of Institutional Research” edited by Adrianna Kezar and Andrew P. Kelly.
5. “The New Education: How to Revolutionize the University to Prepare Students for a World In Flux” by Cathy N. Davidson.

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2. How can universities effectively balance the goals of academic excellence and student well-being?
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If You Were College or University President, What Changes That Would You Make?

As a college or university president, I would prioritize making significant changes to improve the overall student experience. The first and most important change that I would make is to prioritize student mental health and well-being.

Paragraph 1:
To address this critical issue, I would establish a comprehensive mental health program that provides counseling services and resources to all students. The program would utilize innovative techniques such as teletherapy, mindfulness training, and meditation to promote student well-being. Additionally, I would mandate mental health training for faculty and staff to help them identify and address potential issues that students may face.

Paragraph 2:
Another major change that I would make is to increase accessibility and affordability. I would work to implement policies that make higher education accessible to all students, regardless of their socioeconomic background. This would involve working with local governments and businesses to provide scholarships and financial aid opportunities. I would also focus on reducing the cost of textbooks and other study materials by adopting free or low-cost open educational resources.

Paragraph 3:
Lastly, I would prioritize innovation and technology. I would work to establish a culture of innovation on campus by investing in research and development programs that focus on emerging technologies and interdisciplinary research. I would also work to implement cutting-edge technologies like virtual reality and artificial intelligence to enhance the learning experience for students.

In conclusion, as a college or university president, my focus would be on improving the overall student experience by prioritizing mental health, accessibility, affordability, and innovation. By implementing these changes, I believe we can create a brighter future for our students and better prepare them for the challenges of the 21st century.

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