What are some harmful or dangerous aspects of the Internet that I should be aware of?


This paper should be 3 pages long.The instructions are attached in the word document.
Essay 3 Argumentative Instructions
Reading Assignment
Read section W-7 Arguments pp. 43-48 in The Little Seagull Handbook. Read these chapters
BEFORE you begin any prewriting or a rough draft. You will be using two outside sources for this essay,
so also review the MLA Style section (green section) in your textbook.
Writing Assignment
The general topic for this argumentative essay will be the Internet. From this broad, general
topic, you will select some specific (narrowed, focused) aspect of the Internet and argue whether it is
good (beneficial/useful etc.) or bad (harmful/dangerous etc.). DO NOT write an essay on whether the
Internet in general is good or bad. Instead, you will need to narrow your focus. Complete some
prewriting to generate ideas for a narrowed topic. Think about how you use the Internet and whether or
not it makes you a better student, more informed citizen, or more efficient employee. What aspects of
the Internet do you think are harmful or dangerous or addictive?
My hybrid section of this course brainstormed a list of how they use the Internet in class last
semester. They use the Internet for: information (Google), news (online newspapers, news websites),
social networking (Facebook, Twitter), school (Blackboard), shopping (Amazon, eBay), entertainment
(Netflix, HBOGo, Hulu, Spotify, Pandora), personal finances (paying billing, online banking, filing income
taxes), and work.
Arguing involves entering a conversation and adding your thoughts, ideas, and opinions to that
conversation. Part of your essay will include summarizing what others are saying about whatever part of
the Internet you choose to discuss. Reading what others are saying will help you decide what you want
to discuss and may even help you form your own opinion about the topic.
It’s very important that you pick a very narrow topic for essay 3. You must select one small
aspect of the Internet and argue whether it is good, bad, helpful, addictive, dangerous, etc.
Some possible topics include these types of websites: social networking (for example, Facebook,
Twitter and eHarmony), auctions (eBay), gaming (League of Legends, Mindcraft, World of Warcraft, Eve),
shopping (Amazon, online retail websites), information (webmd, allrecipes, wikipedia, sparknotes, cheat
sites), search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing), pornography, gambling (pokerstars), etc. Choose either
one category of websites or one specific website within a category and decide what you want to argue
about it.
You will need to have a definite opinion about the website or category of websites. Here are a
couple of thesis statements that I could easily write an argumentative essay on:
1. As someone who hates to shop, Amazon makes my life so much easier.
2. My sons are addicted to online gaming, and its negatively impacting their school, work and social
I encourage you to look at other argumentative essays and articles about the Internet (or some
component of it) in newspapers, magazines or online to see what conversations are already being had
about this topic, I caution you to make sure that your print out any articles you plan to incorporate into
your essay. Since this essay requires two outside sources, you need to cite your sources both within the
essay (in-text) and at the end of the essay with a Works Cited page using MLA format. You should have
at least two outside sources, but you may have more. I do submit all of your essays to turnitin.com, a
plagiarism-checking website. If you dont cite your outside sources, you will receive a zero for


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What are some harmful or dangerous aspects of the Internet that I should be aware of?
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The widespread use of the internet in modern times has led to numerous discussions and debates concerning its impact on contemporary society. As a result, in this writing assignment, we are required to analyze and argue about a specific aspect of the internet, be it good or bad. Therefore, before embarking on this assignment, it is crucial to read and comprehend section W-7 Arguments pp. 43-48 in The Little Seagull Handbook as it will provide insight into the formulation of arguments. Additionally, we are required to use two outside sources for this essay, and as such, peruse the MLA Style section (green section) in your textbook is necessary.


Given the general topic of the internet, the essay aims to analyze a narrowed, focused aspect of the internet by arguing its potential benefits or harm to society. As such, it is paramount to first complete some prewriting and generate ideas for a narrowed topic. The Little Seagull Handbook provides insight into the formulation of compelling arguments, which are necessary to create a persuasive essay. The brainstormed list from our hybrid section of this course, which includes uses of the internet such as information, shopping, and social networking, among others, presents a wide range of narrowed topics to consider, be it good or bad.

Summarizing other people’s arguments concerning the specific aspect of the internet chosen is critical as it helps to gain insight and develop one’s opinions on the matter. Consequently, the essay aims to enter a conversation and add thoughts, ideas, and opinions about the chosen aspect of the internet. Overall, selecting a very narrow topic for the essay is necessary. It involves selecting one small aspect of the internet and arguing whether it is good, bad, helpful, addictive, dangerous, among other attributes. Possible topics may include websites such as social networking, auctions, gaming, pornography, and gambling, among others. The ability to choose one category of websites or one specific website within a group and arrive at a definite opinion about the website or group of websites is crucial to this assignment’s success.

– To develop critical thinking skills by analyzing different viewpoints on a specific aspect of the Internet
– To enhance research skills by using outside sources to support arguments and opinions
– To improve writing skills by constructing a well-planned and coherent argumentative essay

Learning Outcomes:
– Evaluate different viewpoints and arguments on a specific aspect of the Internet, demonstrating critical thinking and analysis
– Locate and utilize credible outside sources to provide evidence for arguments and opinions, demonstrating research skills
– Construct a clear and compelling argumentative essay with a well-defined thesis statement, organized body paragraphs, and relevant supporting evidence, demonstrating writing skills

Heading 1: Reading Assignment
The purpose of this section is to provide students with a foundational understanding of arguments and how to effectively use outside sources to support arguments in their writing.

Heading 2: Writing Assignment
The purpose of this section is to guide students in narrowing down the broad topic of the Internet to a specific aspect and developing a well-planned argumentative essay.

Heading 3: Objectives
The purpose of this section is to identify the learning objectives of the assignment.

Heading 4: Learning Outcomes
The purpose of this section is to outline the expected learning outcomes for students after completing the assignment.

Solution 1: The Negative Effects of Social Media on Teenagers

Social media has become an integral part of the lives of teenagers as it is a platform where they communicate, share ideas, and stay updated with current trends. However, the effects of social media on teenagers can be devastating, leading to addiction, depression, and low self-esteem. This paper argues that social media has a negative impact on teenagers as it affects their mental and emotional well-being.

Research shows that excessive use of social media can lead to addiction, and teenagers are the most susceptible. Social media addiction can lead to lack of sleep, poor academic performance, and anxiety. Moreover, social media has led to cyberbullying among teenagers, leading to depression and even suicide in some cases. Sharing too much personal information on social media can also result in the exploitation of teenagers by sexual predators. Social media has led to teenagers comparing themselves to others on the site, leading to low self-esteem and even eating disorders.

To combat the negative effects of social media on teenagers, parents and guardians should monitor the time teenagers spend on social media. They should teach teenagers about the dangers of oversharing personal information on social media and cyberbullying. Teenagers should be encouraged to participate in physical activities and engage in face-to-face communication with others.

Solution 2: The Positive Effects of Online Education

Online education has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially due to the global pandemic. This paper argues that online education has several benefits, including accessibility, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and better time management.

Online education makes education accessible to individuals who might not have access to traditional education due to distance or disability. Furthermore, online learning is flexible as learners can study at their own pace, making it possible for individuals to continue with their work while studying. Online learning is cost-effective as there are no commuting or accommodation costs, and resources are available online, reducing the cost of textbooks.

Online education allows learners to manage their time efficiently, and learning materials are always available to review when needed. Additionally, online learning has been found to be effective as learners can pause, rewind, and repeat the course materials, making it easier to understand complex concepts. Finally, online learning is environmentally friendly as it eliminates the need for commuting, reducing the carbon footprint associated with traditional learning.

To ensure the success of online education, educators must continue to improve the quality of educational materials, create interactive courses, and foster online communities where learners can interact with each other and instructors. Additionally, policymakers should recognize the importance of online learning and make policies that promote and encourage its development and use.

Suggested Resources/Books:
1. The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains by Nicholas Carr
2. The Internet Trap by Ashesh Mukherjee
3. Digital Minimalism: On Living Better with Less Technology by Cal Newport
4. The Attention Merchants: The Epic Scramble to Get Inside Our Heads by Tim Wu
5. Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other by Sherry Turkle

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2. Does the Internet have a negative impact on mental health?
3. Is the use of AI in online advertising ethical?
4. What is the downside of constantly being connected to the Internet?
5. Does the Internet make people more or less productive?

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