How does your role in the organization influence healthcare policy?


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Instructions to respond to interview of stakeholder
Response to one classmate’s post using college level English grammar and spelling; references
are cited APA Format as per directions. *Minimum of one additional reference other than your
original; Application of the correct APA Format. Indicate the name of the classmate you are
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Your comment(s) must be substantial. Do not just stay “I agree” or “Good point”. Minimum
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an administrator, Chief Nursing
Officer, or Nurse Manager whose responsibilities involve health care
policy development.
For reference, Classmate paper interviewed
After interviewing a nurse manager, Melissa, at Mercy Hospital, I learned more about nurses
roles in health care policy development. With the rapidly changing health care system, it is
important that nurses work to influence the creation of health care policies rather than just with
the implementation of them.
1) How does your role in the organization influence healthcare policy?
Nurse managers have a significant role in the development of health policies. Nurse leaders have
unique experience, professional ethics and advocacy skills that they have acquired over many
years of working on the front lines of health care. We have the unique opportunity to identify
potential issues and work with decision makers to advance health care policies.
2) Why do you think it’s important that nurses take an interest in developing health care
Nurses are on the front lines of the health care system. We are the ones directly involved in
patient care and can identify areas of weakness that need reform. By improving the
overall healthcare system, we can help improve individual patient outcomes.
3) How are culturally diverse needs are met?
Both our staff and our patient population is made up of many diverse cultural and ethnic
backgrounds. We strive to meet culturally diverse needs by being open, attentive and culturally
sensitive for our patients.
4) What oversight agencies do you report to?
One of the biggest oversight agencies we report to is the Joint Commission which is responsible
for giving our hospital accreditation. Also, the American Nurses Credentialing center is
responsible for accrediting our facility’s magnet status.
5) What are some ways you influence policy development on a smaller scale?
We have a unit council group for our floor that discusses and votes on different issues to help
make positive changes on the floor.
6) What effect do nurses have on influencing health care policy development?
Nursing research and practice helps identify and develop evidence-based improvements to care,
and these improvements must be tested and adopted through policy changes across the health
care system.


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How does your role in the organization influence healthcare policy?
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As the healthcare industry evolves and continues to face new challenges, the role of nurse administrators, Chief Nursing Officers (CNO), and Nurse Managers in policy development is becoming increasingly critical. These professionals have a unique understanding of the challenges and needs of the healthcare system and their patients, making them invaluable contributors to health care policy development. In this discussion, we will explore the importance of nurses in health care policy development and the ways in which they can help shape and influence healthcare policy at both the macro and micro levels.


Nurses, particularly those in leadership positions, have a significant role to play in healthcare policy development. In an interview with a Nurse Manager at Mercy Hospital, it became apparent that nurse managers possess unique experience, professional ethics, and advocacy skills that make them valuable contributors to healthcare policy development. These individuals are involved in advocacy efforts, identifying potential issues, and working alongside decision-makers to advance health care policies. In addition to their critical role in healthcare policy development, nurses are essential in identifying areas of weakness and working to improve the overall healthcare system. Ultimately, improving the healthcare system can improve the individual patient outcome. In a culturally diverse world, nurses in leadership positions also strive to meet diverse needs by being sensitive and attentive to patients’ cultural backgrounds. Nurse Administrators, CNOs, and Nurse Managers report to several oversight agencies such as the Joint Commission responsible for hospital accreditation, while others accredit healthcare facilities’ magnet status. On a smaller scale, nursing staff has the opportunity to make positive changes on their floor. Nursing research and practice helps identify and develop evidence-based improvements to care, and these improvements must be tested and adopted through policy changes across the healthcare system.

1. To understand the role of nurse managers in healthcare policy development
2. To recognize the importance of nurses taking an interest in healthcare policy development
3. To explore ways that culturally diverse needs are met in healthcare organizations
4. To understand the oversight agencies that hospitals report to
5. To identify ways that nurses can influence policy development on a smaller scale
6. To appreciate the effect nurses have on influencing healthcare policy development

Learning Outcomes:
1. Explain the role nurse managers play in healthcare policy development
2. Recognize the significance of nurses’ input in healthcare policy development
3. Evaluate methods to meet culturally diverse needs in healthcare organizations
4. Describe the oversight agencies hospitals report to and their importance
5. Analyze ways that nurses can influence policy development on a smaller scale
6. Evaluate the impact of nursing research and practice on healthcare policy development

Response to Classmate:
I completely agree with your interview, Meghan, and found it insightful. As you stated, nurses not only play pivotal roles in the implementation of health care policies but also have valuable input in the development of policies. It is interesting to note that nurse leaders have unique skills and experiences that make them well-suited for policy development. I also appreciate your response on culturally diverse needs and how hospitals like Mercy strive to meet them by being open and attentive to their patients. I think this is an important aspect that may get overlooked in the development of healthcare policies. Moreover, I found it noteworthy that hospitals report to oversight agencies like the Joint Commission and the American Nurses Credentialing Center. It shows the level of accountability that healthcare organizations have and the measures taken to ensure that they deliver quality patient care. Overall, I agree with your perspective on the importance of nurses in healthcare policy development and their significant role in improving patient outcomes.

Solution 1: Nurse Managers Role in Influencing Healthcare Policy

As a nurse manager, I understand that our role in the organization influences healthcare policy development greatly. Nurse leaders are well-versed in identifying potential issues in the healthcare system and advocating for necessary changes in healthcare policies. Nurse managers have years of experience working in healthcare which gives them unique experience, professional ethics, and advocacy skills. Nurse leaders have the opportunity to work closely with decision-makers to advance health care policy development. Nurse Managers can use their expertise to influence decision-makers by providing them with detailed data on the healthcare system’s shortcomings and by helping policymakers in designing new healthcare policies.

Solution 2: Importance of Nurses’ Involvement in Healthcare Policy Development

I support the notion that it is important for nurses to take a keen interest in developing healthcare policies. Nurses play a vital role in healthcare as they are involved in providing care to patients and identify the weaknesses in the healthcare system. They are the best individuals to understand the healthcare needs of patients. Nurses’ involvement in healthcare policymaking can help enhance the overall healthcare system’s quality and patient outcomes. Additionally, culturally diverse needs are more likely to be addressed if nurses participate in health care policymaking. As a result, it is crucial that nurses use their professional expertise to make a vital contribution to healthcare policymaking. Nurses’ involvement in healthcare policymaking can also help with the accurate targeting of funds and resources in the healthcare system.

Response to Classmate:

I agree with your assessment of the importance of the role of nurse managers in healthcare policymaking. As a nurse manager, you have a firsthand grasp of the challenges healthcare professionals encounter when trying to improve patient outcomes in the healthcare system. Your participation in policymaking could aid healthcare policymakers in making better-informed decisions on health policies. Nurses’ involvement in healthcare policymaking is crucial, as it can lead to the best, evidence-based healthcare policies’ implementation. In terms of the culturally diverse needs, it is critical to providing healthcare that is sensitive to a patient’s preferences, needs, and values. Therefore, I agree that a nurse’s involvement in the policymaking process will lead to a more practical resolution to the diverse cultural needs prevalent in our healthcare system.

Suggested Resources/Books:

1. Policy and Politics for Nurses and Other Health Professionals: Advocacy and Action by Donna M. Nickitas, Donna J. Middaugh, Nancy Aries
2. Health Policy: Application for Nurses and Other Healthcare Professionals by Demetrius J. Porche
3. Nurses Making Policy: From Bedside to Boardroom by Rebecca M. Patton, Margarete L. Zalon, Ruth Ludwick
4. Health Policy: Crisis and Reform in the U.S. Health Care Delivery System by Charlene Harrington
5. Nursing and Healthcare Policy: The Future of the Profession by Janet D. Allan, JoAnne Reifsnyder

Similar Asked Questions:

1. What are the primary responsibilities of a Nurse Manager, Chief Nursing Officer, or Healthcare Policy Development Administrator?
2. How does nursing research and practice influence health care policy development?
3. What tools and strategies do Nurse Managers use to influence policy development on a larger scale?
4. What challenges do Nurse Leaders face when advocating for healthcare policy development?
5. How does a culturally diverse healthcare environment pose challenges for policy development and implementation?

Response to Classmate:

Hello Meghan, I found your interview with Nurse Manager, Melissa, to be informative. You touched on some crucial roles of nurse leaders in influencing healthcare policy development. I couldn’t agree more that it is crucial for nurses to take the initiative in shaping healthcare policy. Nursing leaders have unique and valuable experience, both practical and intellectual, that gives them the ability to identify the needs of the nursing workforce as well as care delivery gaps.

I enjoyed your explanation of how nurse leaders can work with decision makers to advocate for necessary policy changes effectively. As you mentioned, nurses’ close proximity to patient care makes it easier for them to identify areas where policy changes are needed. As Nurse Leaders, we have to utilize our skills and leverage our positions to make the necessary changes happen.

Regarding culturally diverse needs, I believe it is essential that healthcare providers be respectful and culturally sensitive to the diverse backgrounds of their patients. Your response provides a succinct explanation of how nurses can achieve this; being open and attentive to the needs of the patients.

Lastly, I appreciated the insights you provided on the key oversight agencies that Nurse Managers report to, such as the Joint Commission. I also found it insightful how nurse leaders have the potential to shape healthcare policy on a smaller scale, such as the unit council group for your floor.

Overall, your responses to the questions provide an informative and insightful overview of nurses’ role in healthcare policy development. Keep up the good work!

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